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Decluttering and reclaiming my Twitter account

I opened my Twitter account on 19 February 2009, which means that I am heading for my 9th TwitterVersary. Until recently, my aim has been to increase my followers as much as possible, with the aim of having maximum impact. The best way to hold on to new followers is (usually) to follow them back, so as well as maximising my number of followers, inevitably that led to me following a lot of accounts. I did have a more-or-less annual clear out of inactive accounts, but this had a fairly minimal effect on my statistics. The net result was a steady increase in the number of accounts I was following.

Partly as a result of following all these accounts, my main Twitter timeline became swamped with tweets I was not interested in. Although I do use groups for specific areas of interest (e.g. Chemistry Tweeters etc.), even these were becoming hard to manage. Increasingly I felt I was losing control, so it was time for action!

On 21 November this year I reached 7000 followers (see screenshot below), and in the process of reaching that number, I had followed 5478 accounts! These included authors and eBook services, accounts from web optimisation services (including those ubiquitous SEO services), and ‘lifestyle bloggers’. So, what to do? I decided to limit my following back to accounts concerned with (broadly) science, HE/academia generally, music (mainly classical), favourite authors, and politics, with a few additions (people I actually know, etc.) My aim is to bring the number of accounts I am following down to about 1000 by the end of the year, although at the moment I don’t know if that will be easily achievable with these numbers! (The motivation to begin this process was partly catalysed by the theft of my phone in London in the early hours of 25 November (described in a separate post). Setting up Twitter on my new phone provided an extra incentive for a clean-up!)

There are a number of ways of managing a Twitter account, apart from just following and unfollowing accounts on an app or the web page. For several years I used the FriendOrFollow service, which kept me up to date with my follow/unfollow statistics. But, almost coincidentally, they recently lost their link to Twitter (who withdrew access to its API), so I could no longer use their service. I had been doing my annual clear out of inactive accounts using a site called ManageFlitter, and my intention was to use that to help me in this mass cull of accounts. However, it seems that many of these Twitter management services have woken up to the fact that they can get more revenue from their offerings, and ManageFlitter was no exception, restricting the use of its free service to a small number of daily unfollows, etc. So I signed up for a Pro account, which costs $12 a month, but which you can cancel once you have finished using it. Combining this with simple unfollowing has reduced the number of accounts I am following to 2126. Progress is being made, and I will update at the end of the month.