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SSI-18 travel blog 2

Manchester Airport on Friday was peaceful, and all the arrangements went very smoothly. We arrived in Schiphol on time, and tried to collect our one checked-in bag, only to find it had been checked-in all the way to Warsaw, so it would be spending the night in the airport transit baggage area! Never mind, I had enough clothes to cope with an overnight stay, so we went to the airport Hilton, where a room upgrade smoothed the way!

Saturday morning at Schiphol: bedlam! Huge check-in queues with people with mountains of luggage. Eventually we managed to find a way through as we had hand luggage only, and we negotiated the equally long security line.Once through it was time to exploit my Priority Pass card and head for the Servisair lounge.

The flight to Warsaw left a bit late (air traffic congestion) so we arrived correspondingly late at Warsaw. Our host met us, and took us to the University Guest Rooms where we are staying. In the pouring rain Warsaw looked grey and forbidding, but the room was comfortable, and there are shops and restaurants nearby.

Sunday morning in Warsaw: rain and doleful church bells. A short walk took us to the Technical University where I am now, and due to present my workshop presentations this afternoon. More on that later!

SSI-18 travel blog 1

I’ve been invited to take part in a workshop at the 18th Solid State Ionics Conference in Warsaw, which involves giving 2 hours of lectures on Computational Solid State Chemistry. I’m also giving a contributed research talk in the main conference programme.

We decided to travel from Manchester, as the thought of tackling the Friday rush hour in London was too much. So later this morning we will take the bus to Crewe. and a train to the airport We fly with KLM to Amsterdam, where we’re staying tonight. I haven’t been there for a long time, and it will be nice to renew my acquaintance, although briefly! Then tomorrow it’s on to Warsaw.