Some final words on the EU Referendum

Well, we’re almost there, folks! After weeks of campaigning, finally we will vote tomorrow.

As the weeks have progressed, I’ve had times of feeling negative (e.g. see my last post), and times when I have felt that things may be going the way of the Remain camp. But to be perfectly honest, now I just don’t know.

As others have commented, the No camp have been tapping into a kind of resentment of authority and experts that seems to have been simmering below the surface for several years now. There have been plenty of theories expounded of where this resentment has come from, and I won’t add to these except to say that successive governments have avoided having a proper national conversation about contentious topics like immigration. Had these been held, more people might realise, for example, that immigrants are not to blame for job losses, or strains on local housing/schools.  They might appreciate that in the vast majority of cases, they are doing important jobs, which for various reasons are not filled by local residents, and that it is the fault of succesive governments for not providing finance to provide the necessary infrastructure to support them. But these national conversations have not been had, and the resentment has built up. It will be very unfortunate if the vote is for a Brexit partly as a result of this.

I don’t need to list again my reasons for supporting Remain. Apart from the economy, justice, and freedom of movement, there are the very serious consequences for universities (research funding and teaching cooperation) that would result from a Brexit.

All I can do now, in closing, is to hope for the best outcome on Friday morning. The No campaign have been very vocal, but I know that there are many who support Remain. It’s very difficult to judge, and after the 2015 election, opinion polls have lost their kudos somewhat.

Here’s hoping that we are still #INtogether on Friday.


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