January 2016

OK, that’s not a very imaginative title, but although it’s hard to believe, we are almost at the end of the first month of 2016. Time perhaps to reflect on what has been achieved (or not) so far this year!

As far as my work is concerned, we had two weeks of exams starting 11 January, and our second semester is now a week old. I’ve taught nearly half of my X-ray diffraction course and got my projects up and running again. Next week sees the conclusion of the XRD lectures, final year project presentations and, for good measure, an MPhil viva!

Musical activities didn’t look promising at the start of the year , with two of my orchestras not requiring heavy brass, but then my old friend Stephen Hearson asked me to play for him in his forthcoming production of Mame. I’m really excited about that; it will be challenging but a lot of fun.

Politics has been up and down. I’m going to the LibDem spring conference, where the Social Democrat Group is organising a meeting, which will be our first. Locally things don’t look good for the LibDems, following a controversial and (in my opinion) misguided vote in favour of selling the Keele golf course. It won’t endear us to local voters, and pretty much ends our chances of regaining a council seat in May.

Today I’m at the Odeon Cinema in Festival Park, Hanley, to see The Fifth Wave. We are regarding this as a belated birthday film for me, and I’m hoping it will be good!

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