Introducing the Social Democrat Group

When I joined the LibDems back in July, I hoped to find fellow members with an interest in reviving the social democrat tradition in the party. I signed up to LibDemVoice, which is a forum for wide-ranging discussions on all aspects of party activities, and was pleased to read a post there from George Kendall, on reviving the party’s social democrat heritage, and potentially attracting disaffected Labour Party members. Since I had already made the move from Labour (as discussed in previous posts), I was sure there were others who shared my views, and I supported the idea of setting up a Social Democrat Group within the party.

Having made contact with George, and had several discussions, I agreed to help with administration and social media for the new group, and between us we set up a Twitter account and a Facebook Page. George wrote a piece about our aims, which has been recently published on LibDemVoice, and we are attracting interest and comment.

Although it is early days for the group, we intend to have an information stand at the Spring Conference, and a launch event at some stage, possibly at or associated with the Autumn Conference. Full details will appear on our Facebook page and Twitter account in due course. There is also a sign-up form on our Facebook page where you can introduce yourself if you would like to get involved.

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