A recent deficit of blog posts, but time to catch up!

I realised recently that I had not posted anything on this blog since 18 September, when I commented on the first anniversary of the Scottish Independence Referendum. I’m not going to add ‘to my shame’, because the reason for the deficit of posts is that I’ve simply been too busy to do much more than keep my head above water!

It goes without saying that it’s been a busy semester. Although my actual teaching load (in terms of contact hours) is less than it was earlier in my career, the modules are challenging, and require a lot of preparation and marking, and I still seem to be as busy as I’ve always been.

Outside of teaching, two of the three orchestras I play in have had concerts in the last two weeks, and I’ve become active in two new political arenas, the local LibDems (where I have become Social Media Officer and Webmaster), and a new LibDem group with the aim of reviving the social democrat heritage of the party. This group will be discussed in my next post, which I hope to write and upload shortly.

Next week is week 11 of our teaching semester, and we have two weeks to go before finishing teaching on 18 December. I have lectures and a poster session coming up, and following the end of teaching, I’ll be off to Canterbury for the annual RSC Solid State Chemistry Meeting. So there’s plenty to keep me occupied right up to Christmas!


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