The Scottish Independence Referendum – a year on

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since the Scottish Independence Referendum, and the 55:45 vote to stay in the UK. At the time I was greatly relieved by the result, and hoped that the UK government would quickly deliver on their promises for increased devolution – promises which probably helped to swing the vote to a No to independence.

A lot has changed since then. Very few people, let alone the opinion polls, expected a Tory victory at the General Election in May. With their majority, Cameron and his team probably feel that the pressure is off to do anything in a hurry about Scotland. But they delay at their peril. Nicola Sturgeon will say in a speech today that David Cameron is ‘living on borrowed time’, expressing the SNP’s frustration with the lack of progress in devolving new powers to Scotland. For once I sympathise with her.  The UK government seriously need to take urgent action on this issue, otherwise there is the chance of another referendum, and this time the result could well be different.


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