Review of ‘The Bordeaux Connection’ by John Paul Davis

This is the sixth book I have read from John Paul Davis, the others being ‘The Templar Agenda’, ‘The Larmenius Inheritance’, ‘The Plantagenet Vendetta’, ‘The Cromwell Deception’ and ‘The Cortés Enigma’. Like his previous books, it is exciting and interesting and hard to put down.

The plot describes the actions of an ancient and secret order called the White Hart, set up to defend the realm but to operate in the utmost secrecy. When a group of terrorists attack the official Scottish archives, apparently to steal artwork and manuscripts, the White Hart order get involved because the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister is found to be involved with a member of the group. The terrorists then launch a second attack on the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, and further links with UK Cabinet Ministers are uncovered. Although they are unable to stop the attack, the White Hart Order find a further attack is planned for a well-known location in Paris. They must then attempt to foil this attack and apprehend the terrorists, as well as finding out more about how the terrorists are linked with members of the UK government, without it becoming public knowledge.

I understand that there are further books planned based on the White Hart Order, and the main characters introduced. I look forward to these!

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