A political transformation

I’ve often said in this blog that I am a lifelong Labour Party supporter. I’ve voted Labour since my first General Election (in 1979), and was a party member from 1997-2013. Even after I left the party (for reasons discussed in a previous post), I continued to support them, including in the run-up to this year’s General Election.

I finally lost patience with them due to several factors, including the conduct of the leadership elections, and the deputy (and acting) leader’s actions with regard to the disgraceful welfare bill that was passed with a small majority last night. Had Labour not abstained, the bill would have been defeated. In doing this, Labour not only let themselves down, but everyone they stand for, in my opinion.

Things are pretty awful politically at the moment for anyone with centre to left leanings, with the Conservatives able to do almost anything they want, and I am frustrated if I can’t get involved in politics to some extent, and to try to do something about the many important issues like human rights, EU membership etc.

The result of all this is that yesterday I took the decision to join the Liberal Democrats. They seem to be the only decent party left in UK politics, and I have enough in common with them to agree with most of what they stand for.

So I enter a new political phase. I haven’t worked out all the details of this yet, but no doubt there will be some blog posts about this soon!


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