Labour’s leadership election process – no lessons learned?

History does seem to be repeating itself. Last night I tweeted:

‘Sorry @UKLabour but I fear the same mistakes are being made as in 2010. A new leader is needed asap. September is too long to wait!’

It all takes me back to 2010, when a similar decision was made. Then I posted my concerns here,  and these concerns equally apply now. I prefer what the LibDems are doing; at least they will have a new leader in place in July!

There’s also been a lot of hand-wringing about what direction the party should take. I return to my point made many times that Labour can’t win if it only appeals to its ‘traditional’ voters (many of whom deserted them for UKIP this time round anyway). New Labour managed to appeal to a wide cross-section of voters, and while I’m not necessarily advocating a return to New Labour, the party has to position itself carefully. Ed Miliband may have been perceived by some to be too left wing, although that’s not my view.  But whoever takes over would be well advised to learn some lessons from the way New Labour were able to win three elections. Otherwise there will be a long period of opposition.


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