Pre-election thoughts

With the election a few hours away, it’s a case of being patient and controlling expectations. The polls suggest a close result, but as I’ve said before, I don’t take much notice of them, since percentage vote nationwide may not correspond to the results of our first past the post system. I discussed this in detail in a previous post.

For me, the worst outcome would be the Conservatives being returned with enough seats to form a government outright. I’m very concerned about the possibility of a EU referendum (which they have promised), because the result could well be that we leave the EU. (There’s a lot of misunderstanding about the benefits of our EU membership, but that’s a discussion for another day). Another coalition with the LibDems would be a slightly less scary scenario, but it remains to be seen how many seats they get this time. Whether they would have enough political muscle to prevent an EU referendum probably depends on this.

I hope that Labour don’t do as badly in Scotland as predicted (again, see a previous post). A sizeable number of SNP MPs in the Westminster parliament only hastens, in my opinion, the formation of a separate English parliament, and further devolution.

So, while there’s still a chance of Labour getting enough seats to form a government, there’s hope. But it’s a tough call. More once we know the result.

One thought on “Pre-election thoughts”

  1. Having written this earlier I am thinking of 2010, 5 years ago, and how I felt then. Then defeat seemed inevitable. Now we have a chance, although a narrow one. A lot has happened since then. Maybe if Labour had a different Miliband as leader it would a different story?

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