Manchester United: reality and hype.

After last year’s disappointments, it was always going to be a case of rebuilding the team this year. Although it would have been nice to have beaten Arsenal last night, ultimately the FA Cup was a distraction this year. Van Gaal has bought some good players, and the team is coming together, despite what the ‘unbiased’ pundits say. Now the emphasis must be on improving on last year, when the team came 7th. I don’t necessarily think that getting into the Champions League places is a ‘be all and end all’ for this year. It’s a worthy aspiration, but a top 6 finish in this rebuilding year would be entirely acceptable if one takes a realistic view of what is possible. Challenging games lie ahead, and LvG and his team must hold their nerve and do as well as possible for what remains of the season.

One thought on “Manchester United: reality and hype.”

  1. Just over a month later, and LvG’s plan is coming together. If you had told me when I wrote this that we would beat both Liverpool and Man City, I would have been doubtful. But now we are 3rd in the PL, and need to hold our nerve for the rest of the season.

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