Books and Authors in 2014

The books I have read in 2014, in alphabetical order of author surnames, are:

Billingham, Mark: ‘The Bones Beneath’
Booth, Stephen: ‘The Corpse Bridge’
Craig, James:  ‘A Man of Sorrows’, ‘Shoot to Kill’
Christopher, Paul:  ‘The Sword of the Templars’
Davis, John Paul: ‘The Plantagenet Vendetta’, ‘The Cromwell Deception’
Hannah, Sophie:  ‘The Telling Error’
Hill, Susan:  ‘A Breach of Security’, ‘The Soul of Discretion’
Hillier, Michael: ‘The Wolf of Hades’
James, Peter: ‘Want You Dead’
King, Stephen: ‘Under the Dome’
McDermid, Val: ‘The Skeleton Road’
Meade, Glen: ‘The Snow Wolf’
Picoult, Jodie: ‘Leaving Time’, ‘The Storyteller’
Rees, Emlyn: ‘Wanted’
Rendell, Ruth: ‘The Girl Next Door’
Savile, Steven: ‘Lucifer’s Machine’, ‘Immortal’
Vine, Barbara: ‘The Child’s Child’

This is slightly less than last year, but still a reasonable number. James Craig once again published two of his Inspector Carlyle books, and Ruth Rendell appeared twice, as herself and as Barbara Vine. John Paul Davis published three books this year, of which I have read two; the third one will be a 2015 entry.

New authors for me in 2014 included Paul Christopher, who has written a series of books on the Templars. Having read the first, I am sure I will be trying the others. I tried a couple of Jodie Picoult books after a magazine recommendation; she has published prolifically and I will no doubt try some more of her books in the future. I also read my first Stephen King novel, Under the Dome, because I wanted to compare it with the TV serialisation (conclusion: there is very little similarity apart from the general theme and some of the main characters).

I write book reviews when I can, because I know this helps the authors, but I don’t always have time. And I had a problem with one review I wrote this year when I was criticised for giving too much away (of the plot). It seems to be a fine line between providing enough and too much information! Since writing reviews can be time consuming, this has slightly put me off, but you will find reviews, from me of some of these books on Amazon and Goodreads.

To conclude, I enjoy reading when I have time, and interacting with an increasing number of authors on social media helps me to keep up with their latest offerings. I still use a Kindle for most of my reading, although I’m on to my second one because the first developed screen problems and had to be replaced. I’m looking forward to more good reading in 2015.

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