How I see the Labour leadership situation

In the 2010 Labour leadership election I voted for David Miliband. He was the candidate who represented my views most closely, and the one who I felt was best placed to lead the party to a future election victory.

When his brother Ed was elected, I was prepared to give him a chance. Although I had a different view of what the party should be doing, I always felt that Labour represented a broad spectrum of views which could mutually coexist. It was only when I could no longer defend the actions of the shadow cabinet (the Syria vote was one example of this) that I felt that, although I still supported the party in general, I couldn’t in all sincerity remain a member.

In my previous post I mentioned the depressing political situation we face in the UK now. One consequence of this is that whatever differences I may have had with Ed Miliband and the shadow cabinet are dwarfed into insignificance by my hatred, indeed disgust, at the actions of the other parties. So I will be doing what I can to help Labour win next year. I firmly believe we should unite behind Ed, as it would be unbelievably stupid and self-defeating to attempt to force a change in leadership at this stage. Those that are orchestrating this ‘campaign’ clearly care more about their own parliamentary careers than the success of their party, and it is they, rather than Ed, that should be considering their positions now.


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