Using a smartphone with O2 in Europe – update

On my recent trip to Greece, I tried out O2’s £1.66 daily European data allowance. I’m pleased to report that it ‘did what it says on the tin’, and I was able to keep using my phone for social media and photo uploading throughout the trip without any problems. I used WiFi when possible (but as mentioned in my last post, this was restricted to my hotel in Greece). But it’s good to know that the cost of using a smartphone, at least in Europe, is now reasonable. Last year I found I had to keep topping up, but the £1.66 charge now covers a full day.

So I’m pleased to sing the praises of O2 on this occasion! Of course there is still an issue with travelling outside Europe, and there it may still be best to use an international SIM card, as I did on my last visit to the USA.

4 thoughts on “Using a smartphone with O2 in Europe – update”

  1. I’m with Three who have the benefit of having free roaming in certain countries – France, USA and Australia are among them, though it’s a rather short list. Fortunately my upcoming overseas trips are France, then USA, then France again 🙂

    I moved to three from O2 (just for a cheaper contract). In most ways I am pleased with them, though their voicemail is not as nice as O2’s

    1. That’s interesting to know. I have a Three MiFi device (converts a 3G signal to WiFi) so if the free roaming applied to it, it could be useful!

  2. I can confirm that the 3 Feel At Home service (described by Paul there) works incredibly well. I spent 6 months in Australia and a month in California with my unlimited data, calls and texts without any issues whatsoever. The only caveat is that tethering does not work, including the phone’s wireless hotspot feature, so it would be worth double-checking in the case of a MiFi.

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