The Scottish Independence Referendum Result

Of course I’m pleased and relieved at the referendum result. A majority of 55% for the NO vote is  significant, especially after the (apparent) closeness of the predicted result the weekend before last. In the last few days I have been increasingly concerned about not just the effect of a Yes vote on Scotland, but on the whole of the UK (about which very little was being said). So I am all the more relieved at the result, from the perspective of the whole of the UK.

In the end I firmly believe the result was mainly down to a rational distrust of the SNP’s glib promises, which they couldn’t substantiate, as well as of their habit of crying foul whenever they couldn’t answer important questions (like the ones on currency, EU membership, pensions, defence etc.)

Promises have been made that the Scottish Parliament will get additional powers, and this is going to have a knock-on effect for the rest of the UK. Significant political change is afoot, but that’s for the months ahead. For now, to quote the late Margaret Thatcher, I say ‘Just rejoice at that news . . . Rejoice’.


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