Summer 2014

It’s been an interesting summer so far (although the weather would suggest it’s coming to an end already). I’ve only attended the one conference, Eurodim 2014 (reported on earlier), I’ve had an interesting London trip (with another one coming up), and I had my annual pilgrimage to the GBBF a couple of weeks ago (also reported on in the last post).

One thing that has concentrated my mind has been the need to write some new lectures (on fairly advanced quantum chemistry), and this is both challenging and time-consuming, but I’m getting there.

Another issue is research. With the last of my recent PhD students finishing, it’s time to get some new projects started. I’m currently trying to develop some ideas from the conference I attended, but there is a deeper problem which I will certainly return to. That is the virtual impossibility of getting research funding now for someone in my situation. The EPSRC are concentrating their funding on the larger and (in their view) better appointed institutions, and it’s hard to see a way forward at present. There is the possibility of a student from Brazil spending 9 months or so working with me, but that is contingent on the funding and visa being granted. I’m hoping for the best on that, but suspect I’ll be returning to the subject of research funding here soon.

However, for now, the possibility of being able to work relatively undisturbed for the next few weeks is a definite bonus!

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