Using Swarm and the new Foursquare app

I promised an update on using Swarm/Foursquare, and since I’ve been doing some travelling on the last week or so, I’ve had a chance to put both apps through their paces.

The first point is that I don’t use the actual Foursquare app much. I check in to places using Swarm, and only go into Foursquare to wrote reviews, or to check who else has checked in at a particular location.

Secondly, Swarm is easy to use, and seems to work better in poor signal locations than the old Foursquare did (which is definitely a situation that I encounter regularly). I would like more ‘stickers’ (which give information about what you’re doing at a given time, e.g. working or drinking coffee!), but apparently you unlock these by checking into different places.

So I conclude that it is still possible to use Swarm/Foursquare to record my travels, which was my main aim with the previous app. Adding reviews of places is something I’m happy to do. All the lists I set up are still there, and I can still add places to them. Having invested over 4 years in using the app there was no question of uninstalling it. (Many of the new features, like ‘plans’ on Swarm, and local search on Foursquare, are of no interest to me, so I don’t see myself using them).

I’m sorry about the loss of points and mayorships, but don’t see them coming back any time soon, sadly. Judging from the various discussion groups, the Facebook page etc., it seemed that a significant number of users were going to uninstall Foursquare, but whether this is enough to persuade the company to reverse some of these changes is questionable!  We’ll have to watch this space and see.

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