The new Premier League season: finance and hype

With the start of the new Premier League season less than a week away, I find myself not exactly looking forward to it. All the top teams have been busy spending ridiculous sums of money to strengthen their squads – OK, it’s what you have to do, but it has diminished the sport so much that the financial clout of club owners is almost more important now than the skill of their players. It was almost inevitable that Manchester City won the league last season given the amount they spent!

I loved the World Cup because it was possible to enjoy the football for its own sake, with no particular team allegiance, especially after England’s somewhat rapid exit. Watching a game and admiring the skill of the players with no concern for the outcome of the game was an unusual experience!

Then there’s the hype and general nastiness between rival fans which has been magnified by social media. This has led me to  try to avoid seeing football related Tweets and Facebook status updates, which is a challenge to such a frequent user of social media as myself!

My team, Manchester United, had a terrible season in 2013-14, which can be put down to a number of factors which I’ve discussed in previous posts. Of course I hope they’ll do better this time, but for my own sanity I will be avoiding all kinds of media reports on their performance in the coming season. It can be very emotionally draining, and at the end of the day, it’s only a game!

So here’s to a good season. I’ll be watching how it goes from a distance, but for my own sanity (and the sanity of those close to me), I won’t be commenting or getting involved.

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