Foursquare rant

If you’re not a Foursquare user, this will be of no interest,  so don’t read on! But on Saturday of last week, Foursquare announced changes to the way points will be awarded and Mayorships won. From now on only 1 point will be awarded for mayor check-ins, as opposed to 3. Apparently there’s going to be a new app called Swarm, but it hasn’t appeared yet. And also, ‘apparently’ these changes are in response to ‘user demand’! But for this user it is very disappointing. My weekly points tally will go from around 650 to possibly as low as 250! And, in their blog, Foursquare also said that these changes were a result of Mayorships becoming impossible to get. But my tally was 60+ and increasing. I simply say to Foursquare, we love your product, so why mess with a winning formula?


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