Concerts in the next two weeks

I’m playing in two concerts, on the next two Saturdays. The programmes are challenging but wonderful, and because I’ve managed to prioritise studying the music, they should be more rewarding than some previous concerts where I didn’t manage to do this.

The first concert, next Saturday 22 March, is with the South Cheshire Orchestra. The programme is:

Humperdinck: Hansel and Gretel overture
Schubert: Symphony no. 8, ‘Unfinished’
Sibelius: Finlandia, Karelia Suite

For the Schubert and Sibelius I’m playing the first trombone part on a superb Vincent Bach tenor trombone, borrowed (with many thanks) from a fellow trombonist, Bob Crawshaw (I own a bass trombone and an alto trombone at present). For the Humperdinck the first part is sufficiently high to warrant playing on an alto trombone.

The second concert is on Saturday 29 March, with the Middlewich Concert Orchestra. The programme is:

Smetana: Ma Vlast (Moldau)
Dvorak: Cello concerto
Borodin: Symphony no. 2

The Smetana and Borodin first trombone parts are written for a tenor trombone, while the Dvorak is written for alto. So once again, two instruments will be used (with thanks again to Bob!)

Now I am generally playing first trombone parts, it has become clear that I need to buy a tenor trombone, as the alto tends to feature fairly infrequently. Some years ago I set aside a fund against this becoming necessary, so a purchase will be made! I will post about this exciting event, with photos, when the time comes. In the meantime I’m looking forward to the concerts!

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