Limitations of infrastructure on the latest technology

My latest tech purchase has been a Google Nexus 7 tablet. It is a truly excellent device, purchased to replace my Coby tablet which did an great job in introducing me to tablets (see previous posts which refer to its use) but which was struggling with the  increasing demands I placed on it.

In fact I am typing this post on the Nexus, and finding the virtual keyboard and spell checker, as well as the intelligent predictive text, to be very easy to use. But I digress.

When one reads the tech literature, new devices always seem to have been tested in environments with perfect WiFi! Splendid as the Nexus is, it is totally unforgiving of the indifferent WiFi that I have in my office (even after the summer ‘improvements’), and is similarly frequently dismissive of the ‘MiFi’ device I use at home. For example, this evening it downloaded a PDF with no problem, but then refused to send an email, claiming there to be ‘no connection’! I eventually had to send it using my phone, with good old GPRS.

My point, I suppose, is that it would be refreshing if reviewers occasionally tested devices in the sort of conditions that many users encounter! In the meantime I will sadly be obliged to visit coffee houses and the like regularly to use their WiFi (for example I’ve found The Cloud to be consistently reliable, and it is found in Costa and Wetherspoons!)

To end with, I’m happy to report that my old Coby tablet is now thriving. I did a system restore, and set it up with a minimal number of apps. My wife is happily using it mainly as an eReader, and it much prefers her more patient and considered approach!

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