Books and authors in 2013

I’ve been a bit more organised with keeping a record of my reading this year, making use of a goodreads account that I set up in January. This is linked to my Facebook account, so updates on what I am reading appear there. Where I’ve been slightly less successful is in writing reviews of books, especially later in the year; there rarely seems to be time to do this!

Probably the highlight of the year for me was Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno’, but several authors who I have been reading for many years had new books out, including John Le Carré, Frederick Forsyth and Ruth Rendell.

Here’s the list, in alphabetic order of authors:

Billingham, Mark: ‘The Dying Hours’

Booth, Stephen: ‘Already Dead’

Brown, Dan: ‘Inferno’

Craig, James: ‘The Circus’ and ‘Then We Die’

Davis, John Paul: ‘The Larmenius Inheritance’

Forsyth, Frederick: ‘The Kill List’

James, Peter: Dead Man’s Time’

Johnson, William: ‘The Malachy Prophecy’

Le Carré, John: ‘A Delicate Truth’

Lyman, John: ‘God’s Lions – Realm of Evil’

May, Peter: ‘Entry Island’

McDermid, Val: ‘Cross and Burn’

McKenzie, Sophie: ‘Close My Eyes’

Noyce, Julian: ‘The Spear of Destiny’

O’Bryan, Laurence: ‘The Istanbul Puzzle’ and ‘The Jerusalem Puzzle’

Palmer, Adam: ‘The Boudicca Parchments’

Palov, C M: ‘The Templar’s Code’

Ramsay, Robin: ‘Who shot JFK?’

Rankin, Ian: ‘Saints of the Shadow Bible’

Rendell, Ruth: ‘No Man’s Nightingale’

Robinson, Peter: ‘Children of the Revolution’

Stevens, James: ‘The Judas Codex’

Toyne, Simon: ‘The Tower’

New authors for me this year were William Johnson, Sophie Mackenzie, Robin Ramsay and James Stevens. James Craig deserves a special mention having published two of his Inspector Carlyle books in 2013. Simon Toyne’s ‘The Tower’ completed his ‘Sanctus Trilogy’, and it was good to read another Ruth Rendell book featuring (retired) Chief Inspector Wexford, and to see Rebus in action again in Ian Rankin’s latest book. John Lyman just squeezed into 2013 with his latest ‘God’s Lions’ book, as did Peter May, with ‘Entry Island’. I’ve already mentioned John Le Carré and Frederick Forsyth, whose books are always much anticipated by me.

All in all it was a good year for reading. I didn’t manage quite as many books as in 2012, but other factors intervened in this, including being very busy elsewhere. Let’s see what 2014 holds in store!

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