Advances in the Chemistry of Disordered Solids: 13 September 2013

Pat JacobsThis post is about a symposium that took place on 13 September 2013. I haven’t been able to complete it until now, but thought it was still important to post!

The symposium was organised as a tribute to Professor Patrick Jacobs, who died on 31 March 2013. Patrick was so influential in solid state chemistry that Richard Catlow and myself felt that an occasion like this had to be organised. The speakers would represent a cross-section of those who worked with him, were influenced by him, or were taught by him. In addition we included a young researcher whose work is in the spirit of that of Patrick.

The following gave talks at the symposium:

Professor Sean Corish
Professor Richard Catlow
Professor Eugene Kotomin
Dr Rob Jackson
Professor Mike Gillan
Professor Alan Chadwick
Dr David Scanlon
Professor Mary Anne White.

As mentioned above, all of the speakers had been connected with Patrick in some way, ranging from having done postdoctoral research with him, to having been taught by him. There was a therefore a good mixture of science and of recollections of the man himself.

We were fortunate that Patrick’s oldest son, Richard Jacobs, was able to attend. He videoed the event, and the talks are all available on YouTube, as follows:

Meet and Greet
Sean Corish  
Rob Jackson  
Apologies for absence
Mike Gillan      
Alan Chadwick 
David Scanlon  
Mary Anne White
Thanks from Richard Jacobs
The symposium went very well, and was a fitting tribute to Patrick. It should be mentioned that nearly a year later, in July 2014, another symposium was held in honour of Patrick, as part of the Eurodim conference, and I mentioned this in a previous post about the conference. We are also in the process of publishing a special volume of the Proceedings of the Royal Society, also in Patrick’s honour.

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