The Labour Party – Trade Union Link: the story continues

The news today about the reduction in funding for the Labour Party by the GMB union isn’t news at all, really. It’s a natural progression from Ed Miliband’s announcements earlier in the summer, which I posted about here. Ultimately, if Labour is to modernise, it will be necessary to move to a truly ‘one person one vote’ system, so that affiliated union members are full members of the party. Ironically, looking back at the leadership election, it was the vote from the electoral college that included the unions and other affiliated groups which swung the overall vote in Ed’s favour. There has of course been some concern about the effect on Labour’s ability to fight the 2015 election with potentially diminished funding, while the Conservatives will continue to receive donations from their own supporters. The issue of party funding still has to be addressed, but whether there is any will in the coalition government to look at this remains to be seen. Whatever happens there, expect more announcements of reductions in union funding for Labour in the future.


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