Using a tablet on a research trip – initial conclusions

My initial conclusions having taken an Android tablet on a research trip rather than my netbook are favourable. Moving files between local storage and Dropbox worked seamlessly. Creating Word documents using Documents to Go was fine, although I haven’t tried to write a PowerPoint presentation yet! The only problem I came up against was with password storage, when I needed to logon to a journal site to access a paper, and didn’t have the password to hand. On my desktop and laptops I use RoboForm, which saves me from having to have passwords stored in a file or written down. What I should have done in advance of leaving was to install the Android version (which I have since done). This was a problem I didn’t anticipate having, but at least I have got it sorted for the next trip. So I can say fairly conclusively that the tablet will be travelling with me in future. One final point on airport security: at London Heathrow and Vienna airport, tablets are treated in the same way as laptops, and have to go through the security scanner on their own tray. But they are still lighter and easier to handle in that situation!



2 thoughts on “Using a tablet on a research trip – initial conclusions”

  1. hi Rob
    Good to know. Are you using “writing” notes into Word or other application using a pen? I’ve always wanted to be able to capture my notes in this way (electronically) and then immediately save them to disk or cut/paste into other docs. Wondering if you did this? If so, how is handwriting recognition and/or any other comments you’d make?

    1. Hi Andy, no I’m not using a tablet I can write on. In practice I find I can type quicker than hand writing anyway. But I’m finding the tablet experience a good one, and it’s a lot easier than carrying even a small laptop and all its paraphernalia around!

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