An eventful week for Manchester United

Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement has been on the cards for some time, so when the rumours started flying around on Tuesday night I was not particularly surprised. After all, he has served the club immensely well for over 26 years, and it made a lot of sense for him to retire on a high note, leaving the club in a strong position. So, as I have said on Twitter and Facebook this week, thank you, Sir Alex. Manchester United won’t be the same without you, but I do wish you the very best for your retirement, and I’m pleased that you will still be associated with the club.

Regarding Sir Alex’s successor, David Moyes, I am positive. He has been labelled as having insufficient experience, and no cup-winning pedigree, but I think that is less important than the fact that he will put the interests of the club first. He can (and will) learn the other skills quickly. Far better to have David Moyes than a mercenary managed like Jose Mourinho, who would be in it for himself first and the club second!

Finally, a word on Wayne Rooney. I think it is now time for him to go. This is the second time he has had an apparent attack of restlessness, and last time he probably only stayed because Sir Alex persuaded him to. Now he should move on; it will do him good to try his undoubted skill outside his immediate comfort zone.

There will be interesting times ahead for Manchester United, but I am confident that the club is in good hands, and that is the best that can be hoped for now.

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