Brief review of ‘The Spear of Destiny’ by Julian Noyce

This is Julian Noyce’s second book, following ‘Tomb of the Lost’, and once again features the journalist Peter Dennis. It concerns the ‘Spear of Destiny’, which pierced Christ’s side when he was on the cross. The spear reputedly has miraculous properties, being capable of curing those who touch it of any injury and illness they might have.

The story starts with the Crucifixion, and explains how the spear got its properties. It then fast forwards to the present day, and describes how Count Otto von Werner (who appeared in the first book) tries to steal the spear from the British Museum, only to find that it is a copy. It is then a race against time for Peter Dennis, Natalie Feltham and Jim Hutchinson to recover the real spear before von Werner does. This takes them to Rome, and then to Palestine, where they eventually recover the spear. As for what happens to von Werner, you’ll have to read the book, which I recommend as an exciting and absorbing read, and a worthy successor to Tomb of the Lost.


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