Review of ‘The Larmenius Inheritance’ by John Paul Davis

The Larmenius Inheritance is the second book by John Paul Davis that I have read. You can find a review of his previous book here, as well as on Amazon. Once again I enjoyed the book immensely and have awarded it 5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads.

The book is concerned with events that might have occurred following the dissolution of the Knights Templar movement. Three organisations play an active role in the plot: the Knights of Arcadia, The Order of the Ancient Star, and The Order of Christ. The first two are largely fictional; the Knights of Arcadia being formed to protect the Knights Templar order’s most sacred possession, and the Order of the Ancient Star being made up of ‘dissident’ members of the order, who resented the formation of the Knights of Arcadia (who had fled to Scotland). There is also the suggestion that the Order of the Ancient Star had different values from the rest of the order, which contributed to the conflict. Finally, the Order of Christ was essentially the Templar order in Portugal, and is historically correct, with Vasco da Gama amongst its members.

The book starts with the death of William Anson, grandmaster of the Knights of Arcadia. His son, Matt Anson, and journalist Nicole Stocker separately set out to discover who killed William Anson, and their quest brings them into contact with present day members of the Order of the Ancient Star and the Order of Christ. they eventually uncover the forces behind his death, and the true aspirations of the Order of the Ancient Star.

The plot moves seamlessly between Scotland, London, Switzerland, Portugal and North America. I read it over a weekend and found it hard to put down. I recommend it and look forward to the next book by John Paul Davis!


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