Review of ‘The Malachy Prophecy’ by William R Johnson

The publication of this book was very well-timed, as it concerns the resignation of Pope Benedict  XVI and events that might have occurred following this. The Malachy Prophecy suggested that pope following Benedict would be ‘Peter the Roman’, and that he would be the last pope, overseeing the end of the world. Much earlier (400 years before), Pope Clement XIII had made a contingency plan against this, by arranging for a relic containing a sample of Holy Blood to be smuggled to the USA for safe keeping, only to be produced when it was needed, to stop Peter the Roman’s succession.

In the book, the descendant of the original keeper of the Holy relic, Al Johnson and his brother Len, are involved in an attempt to stop the papacy descending into chaos with the succession of Pope Peter. Although Pope Peter is elected, events intervene and he is deposed. Eventually a new pope is elected, Joseph 1, and the Catholic Church is once again in safe hands.

The book is an exciting and interesting read, and I enjoyed it. My only (minor) irritation stemmed from the frequent use of ‘the boys’ to describe the Johnson brothers (both grown men!). But that didn’t detract from my overall enjoyment, and I’ve given the book a five star rating on Amazon, and will look forward with anticipation to future books by this author.

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