What do I like about my job?

Here’s a challenge!, Following my recent post about the stressfulness of academic jobs, I’ve received a request from @ceaselessness on Twitter (twitter.com/ceaselessness) to say what I love about my job. I’ve slightly toned that down to what I ‘like’ about my job. Of course, having spent a large portion of the weekend  marking exam papers, it’s certainly not that, especially when it’s been such a demoralising experience!

So, what do I like about what I do? My job is multi-facetted, so I will consider the different aspects separately:

With teaching, two things come to mind. First there’s the fulfilment of teaching almost anything to keen students. It’s a rather rare experience these days, sadly, but I do get a buzz from helping people to learn and understand things. Secondly, there’s experimenting with new technology and approaches in my teaching (for example I’m trying screencasts in the next module I’m involved in).

With research, there’s the excitement of working something new out for the first time, of presenting new results at a conference, and of having a paper accepted. I also enjoy starting new research collaborations, and revisiting old ones.

So these are a few things that keep me going. Discussing them perhaps partially redresses the balance after my ‘stress’ post!

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