Foursquare – points frustration

I have been using Foursquare for nearly 3 years now. I enjoy using the site; it provides a way of recording my travels, and getting points for check-ins, and building up a portfolio of mayorships, is fun and challenging. However, I have recently come up against a feature of the site that is very frustrating. If  the site thinks that you check-in at too many sites too quickly, you get a message which says that there are no points or badges for ‘rapid fire check-ins’. You don’t get any points, although your check-in is registered. But the worst part is that then you are barred from getting any more points for several hours! My issue with this is that what the site interprets as ‘rapid fire’ check-ins can just be a consequence of going to a lot of places. For example, on Sunday I travelled to London. Before leaving Keele I did my usual local check-ins, and did a few others en-route to the station. I hasten to add that all were done with a decent interval between them. When I got to the station, I checked in, and rather to my surprise, got the ‘rapid fire’ check-in message. I was then denied points for all the check-ins I did for the rest of the day, which meant I didn’t get credit for all my travels around London that day.

I think that this ‘rule’ is unfair, and discriminates against those of us that travel a lot. The only way of getting round it seems to be to try to provide a ‘reasonable’ interval between check-ins, but even this can be somewhat random, like my experience recorded above. Also, looking at some Foursquare user forums, there is the suggestion that you can get out of the ‘rapid fire’ block by deleting some previous check-ins. But that’s not good of you lose the points!

In conclusion, I still enjoy using the site, but this recent experience is very frustrating!


3 thoughts on “Foursquare – points frustration”

  1. connect to, check your history, delete the last check-in only (the one you got the message “rapid fire…” and play again

  2. Since I wrote the post on Foursquare, I’ve largely avoided the problem by timing my check-ins carefully. This works up to a point, but won’t with me when I’m in serious travel mode! We’ll see how it goes … (:

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