Santa Fe and ICDIM – the first few days

My trip started on Friday 22 June 2012. I flew (with my PhD students) from London Heathrow to Dallas Fort Worth, a 10 hour flight which was as mind-numbingly boring as ever, in spite of help from my Kindle and mp3 player. On arrival at DFW, there was the usual wait at immigration, but I was admitted to the USA, with none of the problems experienced the last 3 times. The ESTA system seems to have done some good. Anyway, we had enough time to get to the terminal for our flight to Albuquerque, and the flight left on time.

On arrival at Albuquerque, we took the shuttle bus to Santa Fe, and checked into the Sage Inn, which turns out to be a very comfortable and friendly hotel. Saturday and Sunday were taken up with acclimatising to the time difference, exploring the city, and (on Sunday), doing the ICDIM conference registration and going to the welcome reception. As always, it was great to catch up with old friends, and it promises to be a great conference.

And so we come to today, where it all kicks off in earnest. I am chairing the first session on Modelling which follows Richard Catlow’s plenary, so here’s hoping my session speakers all keep to time!

In the next post I hope to talk about the conference in more detail.

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