The Android calendar and that (non) syncing feeling!

My regular phone is an HTC HD7, running Windows Phone. It syncs perfectly with Outlook on my desktop computer, doing it wirelessly via my Windows Live account. Changes made on Outlook appear virtually instantaneously on the phone calendar and vice versa. So, provided I have my HD7 with me, everything is just fine as far as my calendar is concerned. And, as a ‘belt and braces’ precaution, I also sync Outlook to my Google calendar. Again, this happens seamlessly.

However, using my HD7 abroad is expensive. The roaming charges are ridiculous, and it’s a data hungry device. So after a few expensive experiences, I decided to invest in a cheap unlocked dual sim phone for trips abroad. With an international sim card, it works just fine, and does everything you could reasonably expect, including e-mail and social networking, and because you ‘charge’ the sim in advance, there are no nasty shocks when you get back. The phone in question is a generic Android model, and Android phones (not surprisingly) are compatible with Google accounts, including the calendar. So everything should be fine, because my Google calendar is always up to date thanks to an automatic sync with Outlook. But, and here’s the problem: the Android calendar will only sync with the Google  calendar up to (about) a year in advance. So at the moment, on my Android phone, any appointments from around June 2013 simply aren’t there. That’s a problem when I am travelling, and needing to arrange meetings as much as four years in advance!

My preliminary conclusion is that I won’t be able to totally depend on the Android phone for future trips abroad. OK, it can do all the operations involving data, but the HD7 will have to come as well, kept in off-line mode, simply for its diary.

I should add that I looked at several online forums, and I’m certainly not the first person to have this problem. I can only hope that a fix might be made available for the Android OS to correct this issue.


One thought on “The Android calendar and that (non) syncing feeling!”

  1. One person contacted me to say that this was not a problem with latest version of the Android OS (Gingerbread). I’m also checking out some third party calendar apps, but I’m not optimistic since they generally get their data from the main calendar. We’ll see!

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