Local and French Elections: reasons to be cheerful?

For a Labour supporter, these years of ConDem government are depressing and dispiriting. One survival tactic is to adopt a form of political ‘hibernation’, otherwise it can just be too depressing. Whether it’s Jeremy Hunt’s sleazy dealings with News International, or Cameron-Osborne’s ‘rich boys, out-of-touch-with-real-people’ economics, it can all seem too much at times. So last week’s Local Election results provided a much needed confidence boost. The voting pattern on Thursday 3rd May, if repeated in a General Election, would give Labour a comfortable majority. Of course, there’s no guarantee that the pattern will recur, but we take what comfort we can!

A further bonus came from the French Presidential Election results.  Hollande’s victory shows that there is support for another way – investment for growth instead of austerity! It reminded me of the confidence boost that Mitterand’s election in 1981 gave us, also two years into Conservative government.

Reasons to be cheerful? Well, at least it shows that not everyone agrees with the depressing austere agenda promoted by the ConDems! There is another way.


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