Review of ‘The Templar Agenda’ by John Paul Davis

In beginning this review, I should say that I gave it five stars on the Amazon rating system. I enjoyed it immensely, both as an excellent and exciting adventure in a contemporary setting, but also because of the historical perspectives interwoven within the narrative.

In summary, the book describes how the descendents of the original Knights Templar, who have survived as a secret society to the present day, seek to impose a new world order, having, over the years, influenced many important historical events. In order to prevent their activities coming to light, they have brought about the deaths of many people who they perceived as a threat. However, the recent murders of some prominent bankers, including the head of the Swiss bank, Leonie & Cie, causes suspicion to be aroused in several quarters, including the Vatican, whose own bank was linked with Leonie & Cie. The Vatican send one of their Swiss Guards to guard the daughter of the murdered banker, and with the help of her uncle, a historian with Templar expertise, the three uncover the plot being hatched by the secret society to impose their own form of new world order.

The book has an enticing mix of fiction and history, with the premise that the Knights Templar survived, travelling initially to Scotland, but then on to the New World (some years before Columbus). The secret society that contains the remaining Templars has, among its members, many who are in very important positions, including a former President of France. Over the hundreds of years since their original banishment by the Catholic Church, they have been able to influence world events considerably, and their ultimate aim is to impose their own control on the world. They are only finally prevented from doing so when the murders of high-profile bankers is investigated, which effectively lifts the lid on their organisation and its activities.

As well as the Knights Templar, the book describes the workings of the Vatican and its security agencies, in particular the Swiss Guards. The Vatican bank, and its relationship with Swiss Banks, is also explored in detail.

I recommend the book both as an exciting read, but also as an informed perspective on possible historical events. The author does an excellent job of weaving evidence from history with his own story line. The book is available in Kindle edition, follow this link for details.


4 thoughts on “Review of ‘The Templar Agenda’ by John Paul Davis”

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