SSI-18 travel blog 3

Having survived the SSI-18 conference (which I’ll post on separately), yesterday saw us leave Warsaw in comparative sunshine (compared to the weather on previous days). The taxi trip from the Marriott Hotel to the Airport took about 30 minutes, and cost 60 zlotys (about £15). On arrival at the airport I tracked down a KLM self service check-in machine, and got our boarding passes. Security at Warsaw was a lot less hectic than some of the other airports we’ve been through, and we found a Business Lounge that accepted my Priority Pass card. So far so good.

Boarding the flight to Amsterdam was straightforward, and our seats were fine, but that was where the fun started. Because of the bad weather in Northern Europe, take off was delayed, and we left 45 minutes late. That gave us much less time to get to our connecting flight at Schiphol when we finally landed there. If you have been through Schiphol, you’ll know how vast it is. We landed at the end of pier B, and had to run to gate D55, which had the added spice of a passport control point (being outside the Schengen part of the airport), and also our bags were x-rayed again before we were allowed into the boarding area. And to add yet more spice, the flight was delayed because of late arriving passengers, so we finally arrived at Manchester almost an hour late. Thankfully we had booked the airport Radisson hotel for the night, but we were so tired we had problems finding it (!), even though we had stayed there before and seen it on the way out. By the time we got there, the restaurant was closed, and all that was available was the bar, and what food items could be found in the mini-bar in our room! (We found out later that 24 hour room service had been available, but that wasn’t clear at the time ).

That takes us to this morning, when we took a train from the Airport station to Crewe, and a bus home.  It’s a great relief to be back after a difficult week and a difficult journey, and I have a week to recover and prepare for my next trip!


3 thoughts on “SSI-18 travel blog 3”

  1. I detest Manchester Airport. I’m always ashamed on behalf of the UK when I land there on a plane that contains mainly people from overseas. It’s a dump. The best part of the journey experience is the taxi or train that takes you away from it.

  2. Have you flown from there recently? Last time I was there, a lot of refurbishment was going on, and now it seems much improved (or at least, terminal 2 was).

    The thing that really irritated me on our return was the long wait at Passport Control (where only 2 agents were on duty). I’m surprised that there are not more incidents of ‘passport rage’ when this happens. It was almost like entering the USA!

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