AV, and ‘Conservative Labour’

Last week I foolishly promised a longer post on AV. Unfortunately, time has caught up with me, and I don’t have the necessary time to write a proper discussion of what I feel are the problems with this system, so I will wait and see what happens in the vote tomorrow. One rather strange argument that seems to be doing the rounds is that a vote for AV will ‘hurt Cameron’. Maybe, but I feel it will hurt Labour at the same time. So Labour supporters who vote in favour of AV on this basis would do well to think again!

However, moving to an unrelated topic, I did want to comment on a post by Willie Sullivan which appeared on LabourList yesterday. In it he referred to the possible loss of up to 80 Labour seats through boundary changes, votes for the SNP in Scotland, and the (perceived) ‘damaging effect’ of ‘small c’ conservative Labour members. This category apparently includes people like myself who still support the principles of New Labour. All I would say is that it is easy to forget that the New Labour principles won us 3 elections, and achieved a lot in gaining us support among those who had not previously voted Labour. We do ourselves a disservice, I believe, by ‘ditching’ these principles, and falling back on our ‘core’ support. We won’t win elections in the future unless we embrace all opinions within the party, and alienating New Labour, or ‘conservative Labour’ supporters is a serious mistake.

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