Using Facebook and Twitter to promote British Science Association sections

This post is intended as an introduction, for those not familiar with Facebook and Twitter, to how these social networking sites can be used to promote and publicise your section activities.

Facebook can be used as a medium to provide information such as programme details, photographs, or links to other web sites. It is very easy to open an account; go to Facebook and follow the instructions. You can either do what I have done, and open a personal account, and then set up a group for your section, or you can just open an account for your section. For example, I have a personal account, and I have set up a group called ‘British Science Association Chemistry Section‘, which anyone with a Facebook account can join.But if you don’t want a personal account, you can set one up called, e.g. ‘Section X’ and use that account directly to advertise your activities.

Twitter is an excellent medium for providing short messages with specific information about your activities. Although you are limited to 140 characters per ‘tweet’, you can include links to web pages, and you can use a facility like tinyurl to shorten long links. To open an account, click here and follow the instructions. If you want to see examples of a Twitter account, you can find my account here, or the Anthropology and Archaeology Section have just opened an account called @ArchandAnth.

That’s about it, but feel free to e-mail me if you require any advice or help. Happy Facebooking and Tweeting!


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