The Chronicles of Narnia, and future concert programmes

I am going to cover two unrelated topics in this post. The first concerns the films of the first 3 books from C S Lewis’s Narnia novels. As a young child I was read all the novels, and I subsequently reread them in my teens. When the first novel (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) came out as a film, I was keen to see it, and enjoyed it very much. Similarly I enjoyed the film of the second novel, Prince Caspian. Over Christmas I watched the DVDs of these 2 films, to refresh my memory of them, and today I have been to see the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I had been told it received mixed reviews, but I rarely take much notice of critics! In fact it was really good. I was probably the oldest person in the cinema, but I won’t worry about that either! The film was excellent; as good as the other two, although the very ending was possibly a bit OTT, with the implied Aslan-God equivalence slightly rubbed in. But that is a minor criticism. I will need to read the other novels in the series (yet again) to see what might be in store for the future, although I don’t know if any more are to be filmed.

Turning to music, I currently play in 2 orchestras, both of which are rehearsing for concerts in April. The Middlewich Concert Orchestra is putting on an excellent programme on April 9th which includes Dvorak’s New World Symphony and Elgar’s cello concerto. The previous week, on April 2nd, the South Cheshire Orchestra’s concert will include more Dvorak (the 8th symphony), and Mozart’s Don Giovanni overture. These are both splendid programmes, and rehearsing the pieces over the coming months will be a welcome distraction from the dull, grey days!

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