Chemistry Events at the British Science Festival 2011

Here’s a heads-up on the events being organised by the British Science Association’s Chemistry Section in collaboration with local colleagues, for the British Science Festival, to be held at the University of Bradford, from 10-15 September.

Our two main sessions are on Formulation Chemistry and Astrobiology. Formulation Chemistry is concerned with how different substances can be mixed to form a new substance with desired properties, but without a reaction taking place. There are a huge range of materials and products produced in this way, ranging from pharmaceuticals, through cosmetics to ice cream (!), and the session will include lectures and hands-on demonstrations.

Astrobiology may be defined as is the study of the origin, evolution, and future of life in the universe. We will explore the subject through lectures and demonstrations, using expertise from the University of Bradford and beyond.

Apart from these two main sessions, we once again have Lorelly Wilson’s splendid ‘Chemistry with Cabbage’ demonstration lecture, which shows how everyone can perform interesting chemistry experiments at home, and we will have a ‘flashes and bangs’ lecture as well, with details to follow.

I will provide more details on these events later in the year, but I hope the programme will provide something of interest to all!

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