Some reflections on the NHSdirect decision and the GMB union’s possible intervention in the leadership contest

Sometimes it doesn’t help to have a long memory! While many are criticising the suggested closure of NHSdirect, am I alone in remembering how its establishment was mocked, including by those on the left of Labour? I always felt that it would have been better to use the resources involved directly, for doctors and nurses. As it is, it is an easy target for the coalition.

If it is true that the GMB union are really trying to employ strong arm tactics to influence the result of the leadership contest, then their leaders must be told in no uncertain terms to back off! The decision as to who our next leader will be must be made by the whole party, under our electoral rules. Their action only brings into question our continued association with unions like them! I’m not convinced that they are prepared to sign up to the forward-looking agenda that we must embrace if we wish to regain the confidence of the country, which we must do if we are to be re-elected.


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