Favourite beers at GBBF2010

Last week I posted a blog on the GBBF. This is a follow-up where I’ll mention the 3 beers that I liked the most. If you are able to try any of them, please do, and let me know what you think!

My favourite was the amazingly named Liquorice Alesort (5%) from the Ashover Brewery in Derbyshire. If you like beer and liquorice allsorts, this is one for you!

A close second was Strawbeery (3.8%), from Lees in Manchester. A refreshing, low alcohol take on a Belgian fruit beer.

My third favourite was Sharp’s Honey Spice (4.2%), from Cornwall, which combined refreshment with honey and spice tones.

There were many others, but these 3 were particularly memorable …


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