Welcome to the ConDemNation!

So it seems as if Clegg will tie the knot with Cameron soon, assuring the latter the PM job. Labour will have to regroup under a new leader, as the only truly progressive party remaining. I was particularly saddened when the likes of John Reid and David Blunkett did their best to sink the possible LabLib deal. As John Prescott put it, the ‘dad’s army’ of the party should have kept out and not interfered. But moving on, I for one support David Miliband as the next leader. He’s young but has the right qualities for the job. We will see what happens!


One thought on “Welcome to the ConDemNation!”

  1. It shocked me as well, to be honest. I thought that with such an obvious chasm between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats regarding the EU and other policies, the natural choice would have been to go with Labour.

    I really did hope that Labour would at least form a minority government with the Liberal Democrats as I thought they’d provide the most promising government.

    Historically, though, it seems the Conservatives are usually just the tonic for the Labour party, as they’re generally great at generating disaffected voters. Perhaps this will be different this time, who knows? But I sincerely doubt it.

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